About IPMS Birmingham

A branch of IPMS(UK) we are a club for modellers and those interested in modelling in Birmingham and surrounding areas, we welcome people of all abilities to attend our meetings on the third Sunday of each month - please see "About IPMS Birmingham" page for venue details and times.

Monthly Competition

George Green
The monthly competition is organised by the Branch Competition Secretary: George Green.

Each month (Jan-Oct) we have a competition, recently finished models can be entered in the Monthly Theme and/or the Eager Beaver Trophy plus any of the other competitions listed below for which they are eligible. 

March 2017 Winner

The Bill Nichols Charity Trophy Champion was Karl Robinson with his Messerschmitt BF109 G-10

In the regular monthly competition, Dave Allison won 1st prize with his Clive Lone's Morgan kit.


The Cold War (1949-1989) - Submissions can be of any subject whatsoever as long as it relates to the East/West stand-off of the stated period. 

In addition our regular Trans-Atlantic Challenge, run in conjunction with our friends at IPMS Syracuse is The Pacific War (1937-1945)

The final theme of 2017 is the Carling Black Label (CBL) Beer Mat Challenge. The challenge is to produce a mini diorama of what ever you like, on the condition that it fits within the footprint of the mat (89mm x 89mm) and no more than 4 mats high

Qualification for the monthly theme can be quite tenuous, so long as you can justify its inclusion it will be accepted. However if you cannot find a link to the theme your model will still be entered in the Eager Beaver Trophy and accumulate points for the most prolific club member of the year.

See below for the rules and regs as well as the 'fixed' themes. 

The current system of judging (Since January 2014).

  1. All models in the competition are basically entered in the Eager Beaver category and receive 5 points simply for entering.

  2. The result is decided by a vote similar to the current Branch Champion vote which we have each December. Members each vote on their preferences for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  3. Once all votes are in, Competition Secretary counts up the votes and allocates points accordingly to each model. Every 1st gains the competitor 3 vote points, every 2nd = 2 vote points and every 3rd = 1 point. These are added up and…

  4. vote points are translated into competition points as follows: the competitor who receives the most vote points scores 5 in addition to the 5 he scored for merely entering. The next four competitors in order of vote points scored receive 4, 3, 2 and 1 bonus point(s) respectively. The rest of the competitors receive only the 5 points gained for entering the competition.

  5. The monthly winner is the model which receives the most POINTS not the most votes. This is because votes totals would vary month by month according to the number of club members attending, which would, in turn, influence the overall annual totals unfairly.

  6. In the case of a tie for first place only, the models involved will be judged in the old way by a couple of the members and the winner will be awarded the one extra tie-break point, so as to arrive at a monthly winner. All other ties will remain unresolved.

  7. As is currently the way, any model which qualifies for other categories (e.g. diorama, Jaguar, Theme, etc) will have all points counted twice: for Eager Beaver and for the category for which it qualifies.

  8. Cumulative points totals will be kept by the Competition Secretary to determine the overall annual winners for the various categories.


Cold War (1949-1989)

Pacific War (1937-1945)

CBL Beer Mat Challenge

Don’t forget the other competitions: 

Eager Beaver Trophy:  The club's most prolific modeler of the year.

Three of a Kind:             Three models linked by a common idea or theme*.

Jaguar Trophy:               Anything with a Jaguar theme. (Not just cars.)*.

Best All-Rounder:          A car, a ship, a plane and a figure presented during the year*.

Hudson Trophy:             Any conversion (not just different decals)*.

Ivor Dowe Trophy:         Any Diorama*

Flats, Busts & Figures*.

* models entered in these competitions also qualify for the Eager Beaver Trophy.

1 comment:

  1. General question about the four competitions listed below.
    Is each completion held monthly or annually and if it held annually, in which month are entries judged for each competition?


    Specific question about this competition.
    Does the entry have to be a commercially produced model or can it be a composite model created by the club member using bits from different models?

    Specific question about this competition.
    What type of conversion – an ‘official’ conversion sold in kit form such as the Old Bill bus converted for use as a troop transporter during WW1 or an ‘unofficial ‘conversion to a kit made by the club member?

    Q2: Do dioramas have to be made from plastic or are other materials (paper, card, etc) allowed? (I ask because we are members of the I 'P' M S).

    George W.