About IPMS Birmingham

A branch of IPMS(UK) we are a club for modellers and those interested in modelling in Birmingham and surrounding areas, we welcome people of all abilities to attend our meetings on the third Sunday of each month - please see "About IPMS Birmingham" page for venue details and times.

The Rotunda (Newsletter)

The Rotunda is the monthly newsletter of IPMS Birmingham, edited by Martin Deakins.

It contains the latest news, diary dates and a monthly look-back from our Chairman and Branch Secretary.

There are updates to the variously competitions as well as a few images from the previous meeting.

The rest of the newsletter contains pieces and articles from members, giving The Rotunda a wide variety of thoughts, opinions and builds. The is sent electronically to members a few days before meetings and a small number of printed copies are available for viewing during the meeting.

Contact Martin.

The Rotunda 2018

Rotunda August 2018

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